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The Care Bears Movie production art by Kevin Davies

Hanging with our pals @lionforge @comiccon Look for our new Care Bears comic book coming in 2015!
— Care Bears (@carebearsfriend) July 27, 2014

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Despite the incredibly ’80s artwork on display here, this Care Bears coloring book was part of an early ’90s relaunch of the brand. I don’t know too much about this iteration, but it’s obvious enough the characters had their tummy symbols and fur colors slightly changed, and apparently it introduced Proud Heart Bear, who is… um, I guess a Care Bear superpatriot? He’s got a heart-shaped American flag on his stomach. I wouldn’t think the Care Bears would pick a favorite nation when it came to their stated mission of Keeping Kids From Feeling Sad, but whadda I know? (Does make me wonder how he’d get along with Colbert, mind.)

The story inside has a heavy environmentalism bent that was common for the era. Hilariously, though, it segues into this pro-Earth message by opening with the Care Bears accidentally landing in freeway traffic. But, fear not, there are no Care Vehicular Homicides - the bears just end up complaining about the pollution coming from the cars and go from there.

Lion Forge bringing Care Bears and Madballs back to comics

On the heels of its distribution agreement with IDW Publishing, Lion Forge Comics has announced it will publish digital and print comics based on American Greetings properties Care Bears, Madballs andPackages from Planet X.

American Greetings introduced the Care Bears in 1981 for greetings cards, but the colorful bears quickly made the leap to toys and television, first in animated specials and then in a Saturday-morning series that aired from 1985 to 1988. The cuddly Care Bears, with their different tummy symbols and personalities, couldn’t be contained to the small screen, however, and quickly became movie stars. The characters were revived for television in 2012 with the CG-animated Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot on The Hub. They’re no stranger to comics, either: Marvel published a 20-issue Care Bears series as part of its Star Comics line.

“Our library has grown immensely in the past year bringing a unique selection of comic books to readers of all ages,” Lion Forge CEO David Steward II said in a statement. “Bringing the lovable characters from Care Bears with the humor and action from Madballs and Packages from Planet X to our collection further diversifies our offerings while teaching and interacting with our younger fans in new, creative ways.”

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